Eduardo Agni is an innovative guitar player and composer  who has developed an unique style for “hammering” the  strings with both hands on the guitar’s fretboard.  He has made renowned recordings of instrumental music.

After several failed attempts of adapting himself to the rigid standards of musical conservatoires, Agni finally decided to study on his own, striving to develop a style free of clichés.

He recorded many albums, highly acclaimed by the critics, which included the participation of some very important representatives of Brazilian music, such as Monica Salmaso, Marlui Miranda, Flavio Venturini, Andre Geraissati, Benjamin Taubkin, Teco Cardoso, Caito Marcondes and Adriana Mezzadri.

He has produced countless soundtracks for films, theatre plays, dance choreographies,  TV shows and also worked as musical director in partnership with major names of the performing Arts such as the theatre director Denise Weinberg and Andre Garoli, the choreographer Ivonice Satie and the film makers  Niels Boels (Denmark) and Peeter Rebane (Estonia).

Agni has performed in major Brazilian concert halls and has held tours in more than 30 countries.